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The 4th International Conference on Plant Metabolism

The 13th International Meeting on Biosynthesis, Function and Synthetic Biology of Isoprenoids

The 6th International Conference on Plant Cell Wall Biology

Plant Organ Growth Symposium 2017

  What’s New in Plant Biology?
Biosynthesis of the Essential Respiratory Cofactor Ubiquinone from Phenylalanine in Plants
PIL1 Participates in a Negative Feedback Loop that Regulates Its Own Gene Expression in Response to Shade
At Long Last: Evidence for Pexophagy in Plants
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The Chinese Society for Plant Biology (CSPB) is a legally-registered academic, non-profit national commonweal corporate body based on voluntary membership of Chinese biology professionals. It’s an important social force in the development of plant biology science and technology in China.
News and Events More...
“2017 Frontiers in Fusarium-Host Interactions Workshop” was held successfully in Shanghai(2017-08-28)
The Annual Conference of Global Plant Council in 2016 was held successfully(2016-10-10)
“2016 Cross-Strait Plant Biology Young Scientist Academic Forum” was held successfully in China Jiliang University(2016-09-30)
The 2nd Molecular Plant International Symposium was held successfully in Tsinghua University(2016-08-18)
The 1st Plant Biotechnology International Symposium of China, Japan and Korea and the 5th National Plant Biotechnology and Industrialization Conference was held successfully(2016-08-15)

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